Let an IT Service in Los Angeles, CA Build Your Perfect Computer

Action Computer Service’s offering is not limited to killing your malware infections or building the best network for your home or business. Our IT service in Los Angeles, CA also includes upgrades and new builds for those with particular computing needs. There are times when you need a custom computer or an upgrade for an existing one, and these might include:

  • When your games have new features. If your gaming computer starts to freeze at a certain level or when you attempt a new option, your video card or memory may not be efficient enough. We can swap out your current hardware or build you something more appropriate.
  • High-end business functions. You may work in medicine, which means you need HIPAA-level security for everything you run on your laptop. Accounting apps are also becoming more advanced and demanding for computer resources. Call us to assess whether your computer can keep up, or if we need to upgrade its insides.
  • Your computer is just out of date. Despite all the good maintenance, you may find online videos act up or iTunes crashes every time you run it. That six-year-old machine may simply be tired, and if we cannot upgrade it, we can at least find you exactly what you need for what you like to do.

Contact Action Computer Service for IT service in Los Angeles, CA when it is time for a new computer or an upgrade.

Our Computer Repair Service in Los Angeles, CA Includes Laptops

Since they are portable, laptops come with particular challenges. Two of them that come to mind include replacing keyboards after drink spills and fixing cracked screens caused by accidental drops or closures gone wrong. That is why, in addition to general computer repair service in Los Angeles, CA, Action Computer Service also addresses these unique laptop repairs.

A dangerous world

There is a reason people invest in the extra screen protection when they buy a laptop. This has become even more essential since the introduction of touch screens. Laptops are not merely smaller versions of their desktop counterparts—many new models offer the same flexibility as tablets. Getting a new screen is important, not just to see your content well, but also for your apps and features to work.

Skill when you need it

Action Computer Service has been in the computer industry for over 30 years. We have seen the technology evolve, and we kept up with it. If an incident resulted in a broken laptop screen, come by and see us immediately for a replacement. There is no reason why you should have to attempt to make do with a half-functioning computer.

For professional computer repair service in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area, contact Action Computer Service today.

Reliable Computer Repair Service in Los Angeles, CA

Your personal machine may have started running your games slower, or your business laptop might have decided your accounting app should no longer work. No matter the situation, we all rely heavily on computers, which is why a good computer repair service in Los Angeles, CA is needed. Action Computer Service repairs both family and business machines to keep them running in top order. We offer the certification and knowledge required to address your most complex computer needs.

Experience counts

Action Computer Service offers 30 years of experience and has all the needed certifications. We are fully Microsoft and A++ certified and we are very familiar with many platforms on both PC and Mac models. If you need desktop support, a reliable network or new hardware, you can count on us for professional and courteous service.

Many services, fair pricing

Our clients include realtors and doctors, along with private individuals. Services include virus removal, hardware and software upgrades, networking, data recovery and online tools like routers and firewalls. If your problem involves a computer, chances are we can address it and offer you transparent pricing.

If you require computer repair service in Los Angeles, CA for your favorite gaming desktop or your traveling business laptop, contact Action Computer Service today.